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The Swiss Fintech Day will take place in Zurich on November 24, 2021

The Swiss Fintech Day will take place in Zurich on November 24, 2021

Monday, 8 November, 2021

Technology is one of the most critical business sectors nowadays, and Switzerland has been one of the first countries to open its doors to technology research and investors. 


Finances are constantly developing along with the latest technological advances. Digitalization has become an essential step for finance businesses to be part of the contemporary world, as they adapt to their clients’ new habits and consumption routines. Financial technology (Fintech) has changed the rules of the game.


Now, Fintech helps improve and automate financial services and processes. Therefore, it has become one of the most important industries worldwide.


The Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC) has organized a matchmaking event where startups and other Fintech companies gather for one day to talk, listen and discuss their success, challenges, and the importance of this business sector in the country. This event aims to promote and acknowledge the importance of this sector in Switzerland. The sixth edition of the Swiss Fintech Day will take place in Zurich this year on November 24.


What is the Swiss Fintech Day about?

Swiss Fintech is all about sharing startup success stories, and real industry challenges entrepreneurs have had along the way. An exclusive jury selects the Fintech enterprises that will participate in this encounter. People who attend the event can be part of workshops, conferences, interviews, discussion panels, and other activities to learn from the most experienced Swiss Fintech investors. Fintech Day is the largest investor event in Switzerland, gathering over 250 spectators worldwide.


This event is a perfect opportunity for shareholders, business angels, and corporations to find new investors.


Some of the topics that speakers will talk about are:

  • significant investments into data mining, IT infrastructure, and processes,
  • startups life cycle,
  • high-tech IT systems,
  • digitized processes,
  • building and exiting MIG to Swissquote,
  • high agility systems that enable practical adaptations to the uncertain business environments, and
  • Fintech’s future.


Switzerland is one of the most competitive countries in the field and has encouraged Fintech for many decades. The country has provided strength, stability, security, and trust while being open to innovations in Fintech and other areas such as Sustainable Finance. Fintech Day also shows the Swiss nation as one.


This year, the event will take place in SIX ConventionPoint, Zurich, in a hybrid modality so that everyone can join this celebration.


Switzerland and technology

Digital technologies have pressured the financial market to adapt to new and better devices, and Fintech is its result. Switzerland has become one of the most influential leaders in such a field because of its openness to research and investment in this area. The Swiss territory has been home to 10% of Fintech enterprises for decades, and the number continues to increase.


Despite this being a new discipline for everyone, Switzerland is working to ensure the best technical and legal ecosystems for developing the Fintech sector while reducing the risks related to digitalization and increasing sustainability with its leading sectorial cluster. Since 2016, the number of Fintech startups has increased sixfold. It is no surprise then that every tenth Fintech company was born in Switzerland.


Swiss Fintech advances have not just stayed in the labs. Banks and other financial institutions have adopted some of these new devices to enhance their services and provide an updated and better service than the competition. Such as Swissquote Bank’s case, which integrated blockchain and robot advisory technology in their business model.


Plus, Fintech has made possible the start of a cashless society, the latest financial trend. With all the new technological innovations, a new field had to develop to satisfy the financial market necessities. 


Swiss society is aware of the importance Fintech has in modern life. Therefore, it has pressured the government to create laws that take into account the newest technologies and the consumers’ shopping and payment habits. One example is the digitalization of official documents that allows users to make bank transactions and payments.  Surveys from 2020 indicated that many Swiss citizens wished their government would start providing digital services. Consequently, a law entered into force that allows people to digitalize their documentation and use the traditional format.


Fintech seems to be the obvious path for finances all over the world.


Swiss Fintech Day 2021

Swiss Fintech Day recognizes the country’s development and progress and how they affect their relationship with other European countries. This year’s edition will focus on Insurtech, the Switzerland-Italy Ecosystem, with its trends and opportunities. Some of the panels, conferences, workshops, and other activities involve educational content for emerging enterprises.


Some of the most anticipated activities are the SICTIC Angel Workshops, Oliver Werneyer’s conference on how to get the funding deal over the finishing line, two Fintech startup pitches rounds, and a panel discussion with Jörg Sandrock titled “Is Neo Banking the Future for Fintechs?”.


Some of the speakers that will attend the event are Susanne Chishti (CEO of FINTECH Circle London), Jörg Sandrock (co-founder of Neon Switzerland AG), Oliver Werneyer (CEO and founder – Imburse (PaaS)), Michael Stemmle (Additiv AG CEO and founder), Bolko Hohaus (vice President of Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC)), and Wissam Mansour (founding partner and CEO of Neventa Capital).


Sponsors and partners of this event include:


  • Post Finance
  • Vaudoise
  • Vischer
  • Walder Wyss
  • Rentsch Partner
  • Women In Finance
  • Business Angels Switzerland
  • BV4
  • Bitcoin Association Switzerland
  • Business Angels
  • CV VC
  • FIO
  • Fintech Connector
  • StartUtop Ticker
  • Start Feld
  • StartUp Invest
  • Swiss Fintech Awards
  • Swiss Tech Association
  • VR Mandat


Don’t miss the opportunity of finding your next investment from diverse Swiss fintech startups. You can buy your tickets online here for physical attendance, either with regular or VIP access and facilities. You can also acquire an entrance for the live stream of the event.



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